Veteran's Park

311 E. Main St, Lewistown, MT


Lewistown's Veteran's Park is located just above the Lewistown Trails trailhead next to the Yogo Inn.  The park is a memorial to all veterans from Central Montana who served in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.  

Bronze plaques contain the names of the more than 1,600 veterans who fought for our country.  A quote by retired U.S. Col. Albert J. Nahas accompanies the names:  “It mattered not what politicians argued. It mattered not what history would reveal. We had no expectation but to serve where duty called us. We asked for no reward except a nation’s thanks.”

Bronze statues representing each of the armed forces are placed around the seating area.  During the warm season, lush landscaping and multitudes of flowers adorn the area which overlooks Big Spring Creek and the Lewistown Trails.   The park is open year-round for the enjoyment of all.

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