Road Biking


Interested in road riding….?. How does low traffic volume, beautiful creekside roads, abundant wildlife and biking routes in numerous directions  sound to you? All you have to do is choose the mileage you want to ride, and the Lewistown area offers some of the most beautiful and enjoyable road riding in the west.

Upper Spring Creek road heading south out of Lewistown is always a favorite. This road follows Big Spring Creek to its source, a large artesian spring that has a constant flow of about 400 CFS.

Also at its source is a Montana State Fish Hatchery, where there is a very nicely developed picnic area.  Surrounded by the Big Spring Creek and beautiful ages-old willow and cottonwood trees, the picnic area is a perfect spot for a break from riding or a picnic with the kids.

Riding along the Lower Spring Creek is available by heading north and west of Lewistown on the Hanover Road. You can follow this all the way to the Judith River. It is a great ride any time, but it is especially enjoyable for an early morning ride.

If a “Century Ride” (100 miles) interests you, a loop around the Judith Mountains via Highways 87/200, 191 and 19 is an option. This arduous ride allows riders to challenge themselves with steep hill climbs, and offers views of the wide open plains of eastern Montana, the Missouri Breaks terrain, and the many mountain ranges here in central Montana.


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