Big Spring Creek Watershed

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What is the Big Spring Creek Watershed?

It’s 250 square miles that run from the Big Snowy Mountains to the Judith River, an area drained by Big Spring Creek. It’s 148 miles of streams and plentiful underground water that produces one of the world’s largest freshwater springs at about 50,000 gallons per minute. 

But it’s more than lines on a map. It’s homes and businesses, farms and ranches. It’s hunting and fishing, hiking and floating. It’s cold, clean water coming out of our taps, watering our yards and filling our stock tanks.  It’s our lifeblood. It drives our economy and our quality and way of life. It draws and engages visitors and it creates so much of what we value in Central Montana. 

Download the attached booklet to learn more about water quality and agriculture, wildlife and fish habitat, birdwatching, hiking, fishing, hunting and why our watershed is the lifeblood of our community.

Big Spring Creek Watershed Booklet >>