Mule Deer Hunting


No matter which direction you head, solid populations of both mule deer and whitetails can be found in and around Lewistown.  Hunters are sure to find a deer hunt that meets their expectations. 

All of the hunting variety results in necessary regulations to manage it, so hunters are encouraged to study the rules governing each species and each area. 

Generally speaking, however, hunters can buy an either sex tag over the counter for most of the areas surrounding Lewistown.   While Central Montana is not noted as one of the trophy mule deer areas, there are respectable deer taken each fall. 

Whitetail hunters are very likely to get a chance at a trophy while hunting this area.  Probably one of the more enjoyable parts of deer hunting in Central Montana, if not the most enjoyable part, is that you get to see lots of game.  It is not uncommon for hunters to see 20 or more animals per day.