Lewistown Trails

The Lewistown Trail System offers visitors and residents alike the opportunity to experience Lewistown by foot, bike and in some cases, horseback.

The main Trailhead is located on east Main Street, next to the Yogo Inn, and connects to over 25 miles of walking, running and biking trails.  The trails link to our downtown business center, schools, parks, ponds and landmarks, and provide a safe and scenic way to move about town.

From the Trailhead, one can venture in two directions, both winding in and out of the historic downtown district, through old neighborhoods and off towards the country, following beautiful creeks, farm and ranch lands, and distinctive habitats.

Trail extensions feed off of the two main trails.  The Frog Ponds Loop, the Brewery Flats Loop and the Airport Extension all provide additional options for enjoying the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the Lewistown area.

For the horseman looking for a convenient, yet scenic ride close to town, the trail system offers an 8-mile ride west to the west. Enjoy the beautiful mountain views as you ride, with several creek crossings along the way.  The trail ends at a turn-around, where you can end your trip, or return to town along the same trail.

The Lewistown Trail System is under continual development, with new segments opening as they are completed.  For more information, visit LewistownTrails.com

Click to download the Lewistown Trail System Map.