Could a Central Montana business venture be in your future?
Lewistown, the county seat of Fergus County, is located in the center of Montana. Lewistown has historically been an important regional trade center for the surrounding farms and ranches. Recently, there has been a great deal of growth and diversification in the local economy.

The Central Montana area offers an abundance of land with a relatively low cost of acquisition, some of which is in well-serviced industrial areas. This, along with an excellent opportunity for a wide range of outdoor activities, a variety of scenery, and a low cost of labor, is the engine that is driving growth in agriculture, the visitor economy and a wide variety of small manufacturing and service sector enterprises.

Development Resources are available to assist you! The following organizations would be willing to assist you in obtaining information regarding economic opportunities in the Lewistown area:

Snowy Mountain Development Corporation (SMDC)
SMDC provides technical assistance to businesses. Need help with a business plan? Looking for a business loan? SMDC is available to assist new and expanding businesses in a confidential setting with business planning, feasibility and market studies, loan packaging, grant writing, and public infrastructure development. SMDC provides counseling in all aspects of business start-up, including government licensing and permitting, employee requirements, capitalization expectations, bookkeeping, scheduling, marketing and competition considerations.

Contact: Kathie Bailey, Bob Giese, Diane Pennell or Karen Sweeney
613 Northeast Main
Lewistown, MT 59457
(406) 535.2591 phone and fax
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Lewistown Area Chamber of Commerce
A non-profit organization of individuals and businesses, the Chamber's mission is to work together to advocate for the economic, cultural, and aesthetic values of Central Montana. The Lewistown Chamber coordinates cooperative retail marketing efforts, provides relocation information and organizes community events.

Contact: Connie Fry
408 NE Main Street
Lewistown, MT 59457
(406) 535.5436
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Human Resources Development Council (HRDC)
District 6 HRDC is a community-based, nonprofit organization that partners with government, private entities and other nonprofit organizations to provide comprehensive services needed to help low-income individuals and families become self-sustaining and productive members of our community.

Suite 203, Centennial Plaza
300 First Avenue North,
Lewistown, MT 59457

Lewistown Job Service
The Job Service has two distinct but related customer bases - Businesses and Job Seekers. Our Business Services include:

  • Customized Hiring and Human Resource Assistance
  • Post Job Openings and Find Employees
  • Information and Referrals for Most Other Government Agency’s Requirements
  • Save Money with Tax Credits
  • Specific and General Labor Market Information (LMI)

Contact: Roy Jones
300 First Avenue North
Lewistown, MT 59457
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Fergus County Port Authority
A local economic development organization, the Port Authority is comprised of a broad base of community leaders which can help coordinate and explore solutions to your business needs. Members of the organization would be willing to help coordinate your site visit to Lewistown.

Contact: Bret Carpenter
Board Member, Fergus County Port Authority
(406) 535-8371

Who else is doing business in the region?
The Lewistown area is home to a number of innovative manufacturing businesses. These progressive business owners have formed a group called the Central Montana Manufacturing Alliance (CMMA), with the mission of having, “A forum for sharing ideas, capabilities, and opportunities that lead to the further development of member businesses and the economy of Central Montana.” To learn more about these successful companies, their services, products, and capabilities, visit the Alliance website.
Following are just a few of the businesses that are members of CMMA:
Jamison HCR – Visit Website
Rocky Mountain Cookware – Visit Website
Spika Design & Manufacturing - Visit Website

In addition to manufacturing, Lewistown is home to Central Montana’s heavy construction industry, international exporters, and some unique businesses which have found a niche in their respective industries that has enabled them to become very successful.

An example of this would be Sports, Inc. which is a network of sporting goods retailers that have formed a buying group to more effectively negotiate with their suppliers. Visit their website to learn more about this unique business.

Learn more about Century Companies, Inc., an award winning infrastructure contractor at

Check out Hi-Heat Industries, Inc., a designer of specialized heating elements - visit their website.

Whatever your needs might be, Lewistown organizations, businesses and friendly people are ready to help you assess the advantages of a central Montana location for your business.