Montana Island Challenge

Montana Island Challenge

Half Moon Ranch, Lewistown, MT

The Challenge is on!

The Montana Island Challenge, nestled in the beautiful Snowy Mountains, is ready for you – Hike, Bike or Run in this incredible mountain setting!

Hills, Trees, Wildlife, Camping and Camaraderie – let Lewistown be your host in a beautiful, calorie burning weekend.

Start Friday night at 7pm on a 12 hour circuit ride - yes, until 7am the next morning!  This ride includes pancakes at midnight, for an energy burst to see you through until morning.

OR, join us Saturday morning and enjoy a Hike or Run. Hike 8k or 11k and/or Run 8k, 11k or a half marathon. Want a real challenge – DO BOTH!

For sign up and registration, visit  We'll see you August 19th & 20th in Lewistown, the Heart of Montana.