Mountain Biking


The two- wheeled opportunities around the Lewistown area are virtually endless. Lewistown is surrounded by five diverse mountain ranges, each one offering its own unique mountain biking challenges.

From relaxing two-track “roads” to the more technical single track trails, there is a ride sure to get the adrenalin pump going.

Biking Options

    • Big and Little Snowy Mountains - The Big and Little Snowy Mountains to the south hold some of the most scenic rides in all of Montana.
    • Judith, Moccasin, and Belt Mountains - To the east of Lewistown are the Judith Mountains which offer several single-track options
    • Belt Mountains - The Belt Mountains to the west have a variety of offerings, from jeep trails and logging roads, to single tracks.
    • Moccasin Mountains - Largely private owned, there are some riding opportunities with landowner permission.

Further information about any of these areas can be obtained from the Lewistown Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center